Aims and Means. No. 1

The documents presented here reveal an important, and, until now, unknown aspect of the efforts the Israeli government made to deflect criticism over human rights violations which were part of the occupation since the very beginning. The documents describe events that took place during the first decade of the occupation, but they echo a practice that is still in existence today – manipulative efforts to undermine the work of human rights organizations.

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Document 1


Approved MFA funding requests to cover costs incurred by human rights organizations in Israel

Document 2

January 3, 1971

The International League for Human Rights and its affiliation with Israeli human rights bodies

Document 3

October 14, 1971

Funding for the establishment of a human rights institute at Tel Aviv University

Document 4

December 8, 1971

"People who have a little more clout and are better able to perform"

Document 5

May 1, 1972

Appeal for reconsideration of funding for an academic human rights institute

Document 6

June 11, 1973.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding for the Israeli Association for Human Rights.

Document 7

May 22, 1974

Activities of Amnesty’s Israeli section

Document 8

June 26, 1974

Dinstein responds to criticism of Israel's human rights practices using Amnesty title

Document 9

January 11, 1974

Re: Amnesty

Document 10

January 24, 1975

Report and consultation regarding the activities of the Israeli Association for Human Rights

Document 11

February 3, 1975

Consultation by Chair of Amnesty Israel with the MFA regarding a response to Amnesty France

Document 12

5 May 1975

Ahead of Amnesty's annual council: thwarting move to Geneva, increasing Middle East involvement

Document 13

July 9, 1975

Report from Chair of Amnesty Israel to MFA regarding his meetings with the leadership of Amnesty International

Document 14

September 19, 1975

Report on Amnesty Annual Council

Document 15

October 21, 1975

Amnesty Israel chair report about his meeting with the secretary general of Amnesty International

Document 16

May 18, 1976

Report on public diplomacy trip abroad

Document 17

May 23, 1977

Allocation for Amensty