Before the Six Day War, about 130,000 people lived in the Syrian Golan Heights. An Israeli census held in August 1967, three months after the war, showed the newly occupied area as having only 6,396 Syrian residents, the vast majority of them Druz. The fate of tens of thousands of Arab residents who lived in the area was quickly erased from public memory. They were largely overlooked in historical research as well. One of the only people to inquire about them was journalist Shay Fogelman, who wrote a story in Haaretz newspaper in 2010 about Israel’s efforts to empty the Golan Heights of its residents. Documents allocated by Akevot Institute at the archives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), expose another aspect of the expulsion of Syrian Golan Heights residents.

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The Golan Heights General Census Final Figures
September 11, 1967

Sub-delegation to Quneitra report on village visits
12-16 July 1967

Sub-delegation to Quneitra report after visiting Mansura,
July 18, 1967

ICRC delegation visit to Farj
July 19, 1967

Annex to Moreillon’s letter - ICRC response to the expulsion of Golan Heights residents
August 27, 1969