During the days leading up to 1958 May 1 (International Workers’ Day) Rally, the atmosphere in Nazareth and its surroundings was tense.  As in previous years, the police banned the Communist Party from holding its traditional May 1 Rally. However, unlike previous years, in the lead up to the rally, the police took exceptional measures, arresting some 350 party activists and other Arab citizens. The charges against the detainees varied from illegal gathering to violence against police officers. Some individuals were exiled or placed under administrative restrictions, while others faced trial in military courts.

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Minutes of the Mapai Political Committee Discussion
January 16, 1953

Minutes of the Knesset Committee on Internal Affairs
March 7, 1950

Proclamation of the Communist Party in Nazareth
May 1958

Pamphlet: "Know what happened at the Nazareth events!" published by the Public Committee for the Release of Military Government Detainees
Tel Aviv, May 1958

Letter from the 92 Arab detainees of the May 1958 events in Nazareth to the Israeli government
May 22, 1958