Over the course of the first year following the Six Day War, the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee discussed current affairs and strategic questions both in the committee forum itself, as well as with guest speakers, including government ministers and top military and police officials.

Part 2: Transcripts of October 1967-May 1968 sessions.

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20 October, 1967
Transcript No. 87

Foreign minister briefing on the diplomatic scene

January 2, 1968
Transcript No. 99

Briefing by the foreign minister ahead of the prime minister’s trip to the USA

January 5, 1968
Transcript No. 100

Briefing from Mr. Comay on the UN General Assembly discussion of the refugee issue

January 9, 1968
Transcript No. 101
Report of Maj. Gen. Weizman on incidents on the Israel-Jordan border;
Briefing by Minister of Defense on the situation in WB

January 19, 1968
Transcript No. 102

Maj. Gen. David. Elazar report on the Golan Heights;
Briefing by Col. Mordechai (Motta) Gur on situation in Gaza

January 23, 1968
Transcript No. 103

Prime minister briefing on his meetings in the USA, Canada and the UK.

February 6, 1968
Transcript No. 104

Briefing by Col. Botzer on Dakar submarine; Briefing by Col. Gazit on replacing Egyptian currency in Gaza and Sinai; Briefing by Col. D. Carmon

February 6, 1968
Transcript No. 105

Briefing by Col. Carmon; Briefing by Mr. Herzog; Briefing by Mr. Sasson on civilian issues affecting Judea and Samaria residents

February 13, 1968
Transcript No. 106

Continued persecution, attacks on Jews in Arab countries following the war; State of Jews in Arab countries; Delegation of Dakar crew relatives

February 20, 1968
Transcript No. 107

Chief of staff briefing on incident on the Jordanian border; Settlement activity in Jordan Valley; Mr. Ahituv’s briefing on arrests in al-Arish and Nablus

February 27, 1968
Transcript No. 108

The question of Israeli settlement in the liberated territories and an initiative for rehabilitation of Arab refugees;
Briefing by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. A. Eban.

March 5, 1968
Transcript No. 109

Changing the status of the new territories.

March 19, 1968
Transcript No. 110

Briefing by minister of foreign affairs

March 22, 1968
Transcript No. 111

Report of Minister Begin

March 22, 1968
Transcript No. 112

The Karameh operation

March 26, 1968
Transcript No. 113

Briefing from Mr. Refael on ongoing developments; Briefing from the chief of staff on the IDF operation in Karameh; Briefing of Maj. Gen. Yariv

March 26, 1968
Transcript No. 114

Mr. Refael's briefing - continued

April 9, 1968
Transcript No. 115

Briefing from minister of foreign affairs;
Report on the April 8, 1968 operation

April 26, 1968
Transcript No. 117

Foreign affairs’ minister briefing on Jarring talks.

May 7, 1968
Transcript No. 118.

Briefing by Committee chair on the Dakar conference; Briefing of Col. Y. Hofi; Briefing of Ministry of Foreign Affairs director-general

May 21, 1968
Transcript No. 119

Briefing of minister of foreign affairs

May 21,1968
Transcript No. 120

Continued briefing by minister of foreign affairs