The term “mixed cities,” which has been making headlines recently, hides a varied history. Some cities were mixed before 1948, some became mixed immediately after the war, and others have been becoming increasingly mixed due to long lasting socio-demographic trends. A brief overview of what happened in these cities – together with a number of archival documents – can help explain the varying intensities of the tensions that have erupted in the past week.

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Minutes of the Military Government Adjacent Committee meeting
December 3, 1948

Report from activities among Arab Refugees
June 28, 1950

Meeting in preparation for the abolition of the Military Government in the cities Ramle-Lod
June 23, 1949

Ministry of Interior overview
March 15, 1949

Report on Jewish Agency absorption action in Ramle
May 20, 1949

Letter from residents of Lod to Prime Minister David Ben Gurion
June 5, 1952