Israel’s 18th government, with Prime Minister Menachem Begin at the helm, in power from June 1977 to August 1981, embodied a new, accelerated phase in Israel’s settlement policy in the occupied territories.  This policy was succinctly expressed in Begin’s famous declaration during a visit with the Elon Moreh settlement group shortly after his election win. The group had received permission to settle in the Kadum military base after several attempts to establish a settlement in Sebastia without approval. Begin told the settlers: “Soon, there will be many Elon Morehs.” In a letter to Prime Minister Begin, Deputy Minister of Defense Mordechai Tzipori warns of the danger of unapproved settlements and suggests evacuating the settlers in Atzmona and Hebron. 

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Deputy Defense Minister Mordechai Tzipori to Prime Minister Menachem Begin
July 16, 1979