Aims and Means. No. 2

Archival records, now declassified at Akevot’s request, tell the story of the financial safety net Israeli government provided for commercial companies and settlement agencies beyond the Green Line. Referred to as a “political guarantee” or “political insurance”, it protected settlers and investors in the occupied territories against such “political risks” as Israel’s evacuation from the occupied territories, policy changes or boycotts. As use of the government guarantees gradually expanded, a government insurance corporation was created, to sell insurance policies against these political risks. This is the story of the political guarantee in the occupied territories and the Yanai insurance corporation.

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Document 1

Banks’ demand for full guarantee against political risk in the territories

July 10, 1967

Document 2

Political insurance for land cultivation in the Golan Heights

August 22, 1967

Document 3

Operation of a factory seized in al-Arish by an Israeli company: Coverage for political risk

December 25, 1967

Document 4

Instructions for providing political guarantees for investment in the territories

June 20, 1968

Document 5

Incentivizing factories in the Judea and Samaria Area

October 17, 1968

Document 6

Political guarantee – platform for discussion: COGAT's proposal

January 22, 1969

Document 7

Political guarantees: problems of Israeli sewing workshops

February 12, 1969

Document 8 (a, b)

Decisions on establishment of an insurance corporation

May 1, 1969
July 3, 1969

Document 9

Insurance corporation for investments and losses: a proposal

October 10, 1969

Document 10 (a-c)

Minutes of the first Yanai board meetings

February 8, 1971, February 18, 1971, March 4, 1971

Document 11

Yanai Board meeting no. 7: playing down connection to the government

November 7, 1971

Document 12

A summary of Yanai operations from inception to 1976

September 22, 1976

Document 13

A brief history of Yanai, ahead of the Sinai evacuation

December 20, 1978

Document 14

Yanai Draft Financial Report for 1980/1

September 10, 1981

Document 15

Directors-General Sub-committee on Yanai Insurances – meeting minutes no. 237

14 December 1978

Document 16

Report from Yanai Board of Directors: The future of political insurance in the territories

September 22, 1981

Document 17

Yanai Board of Directors Meeting No. 47: The end of Yanai

March 29, 1984

Document 18

Decision of the Ministerial Committee for the Territories

June 6, 1969

Document 19

Letter from the deputy legal advisor to the Ministry of Justice

October 17, 1969

Document 20

Minutes of meeting held at the attorney general’s office

May 29, 1969

Document 21

Establishment of a governmental corporation for political insurance: Final draft resolution

February 13, 1970

Document 22

Cultivation in the administered territories


Document 23

List of approved factories in the territories

March 12, 1970