The reasons for the outbreak of the Six Day War, on June 5, 1967, are a subject of debate. Was it an inevitable step on a slippery slope none of the parties wanted, or were some within the leaderships egging it on? Available historical records, however, do indicate that in the years leading up to it, Israel engaged in meticulous preparations for organizing control over territories it thought it might take over in a future war. These records suggest that the occupation of territories was not an unintended outcome of the fighting, but part of Israel’s strategic, political concept. 

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Proposal for Format of Military Government
June 7, 1961

Military Government Organization in Preparation for War - Proposed Discussion
June 1963

Organization Order - Military Government in an Emergency - 10/63
August 1963

Organization and Training of Military Government Headquarters for Control of Occupied Territories
June 1965