In April 1972, an agricultural aircraft sprayed the fields of the village of Aqraba in the Jordan Valley with chemicals, destroying about 500 dunams of grain. It was the first step in a series of aggressive actions carried out by Israel to take over the lands of Aqraba and establish a settlement on them.

This episode of the podcast tells the story of the initiative to establish the settlement of Gitit, a story that includes the misuse of security-based justifications, the theft of absentee lands, and the abuse of residents who refused to comply with Israel’s demands.

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Proposal for the establishment of Tel Tal,
September 2, 1971

Summary of a discussion in the Jewish Agency - moving the "No Villages" line,
December 5, 1972

Tel Tal - maps

Summary of a discussion in the IDF Central Command - spraying Aqraba lands,
April 7, 1972

Summary of a meeting in Central Command,
May 14, 1972

Letter from the residents of Aqraba to the Minister of Agriculture,
14 May 1972

Journalistic report on the spraying of Aqraba lands,
July 3, 1972

Letter from Minister Israel Galili to Prime Minister Golda Meir,
23 August 1972

Suggestions for benefits to the village of Aqraba in exchange for a waiver of land,
October 10, 1972

Invitation: celebrating three years to Gitit,
29 September 1975