“This is of course a legitimate and seemingly simple question, one that calls for a Yes or No answer. Yet, from both legal and diplomatic perspectives the answer is more complex, and walks the fine line between our act, which is applying ‘Law, jurisdiction and administration’ and an act of explicit annexation.”

On 14 December 1981 the Knesset legislated the Golan Heights Law, according to which the “Law, jurisdiction and administration of the state shall apply to the Golan Heights.” Three days later Elyakim Rubinstein, then Legal Adviser of Israeli Foreign Ministry composed a legal opinion trying to answer “are the Golan Heights now a part of Israel?”


17 December 1981

Golan Heights Law: Are the [Golan] Heights now a part of Israel?

Legal Opinion by Elyakim Rubinstein, Legal Adviser of the Foreign Ministry