Following Sammi sa'adeh

“I found a strange family in the house, made up of a man named ‘Maman,’ his wife and his brother-in-law. They entered the house after opening it with their special means and occupied one room, once they’d emptied the furniture that was in it.”

Sammi Sa’adeh was a Palestinian resident of Haifa during the 1948 War. After the war, he was forced to move from his home in the lower city to an apartment on Abbas Street. One evening, he discovered to his dismay, that a Jewish family had invaded his home.

Akevot Institute invites you on a tour of Haifa that follows Mr. Sami Saadeh’s personal story and, through it, reveals the city’s history in the aftermath of the war.


The next tour in English will take place in Haifa on 28/7/2023. Click to register or Contact us to schedule a private tour.

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Sammi’s story was also documented in a play entitled The Personal Tragedy of Mr. Sami Saadeh, published by Carmel Publishing (in Hebrew).