November 23rd, 2021
Deciphering the Military Rule in the Negev: A New Document Collection

We have released a new collection of documents focusing on the Military Rule in the southern region. The new collection includes hundreds of archival documents that have not yet been published, and anyone can participate in the registration and cataloging of these documents through the online platform.

Come and learn about the history of the Negev and the roots of Israeli-Bedouin relations, through direct contact with archival documents.

Join our project (documents are in Hebrew):

Read more about Israeli-Bedouin relations in the Negev and the establishment of the Siyag Area (in Hebrew):

The project has a dual purpose. First, it will directly assist our work recording the thousands of documents stored in our digital archive regarding the era of the Military Rule. Recording the details of each document will enable us to engage in deeper research about the Military Rule, and we plan to release several publications in connection to this research. No less importantly, the project will offer the public at large direct, unmitigated access to historical records of the Military Rule, and with that, a glimpse into this important chapter in the relations between the state and its Palestinian citizens – a chapter erased from memory for many Israelis.