August 15th, 2021
Aims and Means: the third episode is now available

The third episode of our podcast series, Aims and Means, is now available for listening. The episode, Unavoidable Necessity, tells the story of the initiative to establish the settlement of Gitit, a story that includes the misuse of security-based justifications, the theft of absentee lands, and the abuse of residents who refused to comply with Israel’s demands.

The first season of Akevot’s Aims and Means podcast deals with several key themes that characterized – and continue to characterize – the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights , as well as the occupation of the Sinai Peninsula (1967-1982): expulsion of local residents, establishment of settlements, selective law enforcement, and violations of international law. The six episodes each reveal a unique, fascinating, and almost entirely unknown story, based on archival research by Akevot Institute.

You can listen to the podcast on all podcast platforms. The episodes are also available on our website, along with key documents we have uncovered in various archives and on which the podcast is based.

To the new episode’s page and the main documents behind it, click here.

Listen to the full episodes (in Hebrew):