July 21st, 2019
Minister of Defense urged: Stop unlawful DSDE concealment in archives

157 Researchers, artists and archivists and a number of organizations addressed the Minister of Defense, PM Binyamin Netanyahu urging him to cease DSDE’s (Malmab) unlawful concealment of documents in various archives. The petition follows the release of Akevot’s report Silencing: DSDE’s Concealment of Documents in Archives.

Among the signatories: heads of academic faculties and departments, Israel Prize and Emet Prize laureates, filmmakers and PhD candidates, as well as  Academia for Equality, Association for Civil Rights in Israel, The Association of Israeli Archivists, The Forum for Regional Thinking, Haifa Queer History Project, Israel Documentary Forum, The Movement for Freedom of Information, Social History Workshop, The Union of Journalists in Israel and Akevot Institute for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Research.

Read the letter (Hebrew): https://akvt.in/DSDEletter