July 4th, 2021
The Military Rule 1948-1966: a glimpse into the book

We are launching today a new website that offers an introduction to THE MILITARY RULE 1948-1966: ANNOTATED DOCUMENT COLLECTION, published by Akevot Institute. On this site, you will have access to several of the prominent documents included in the book, as well as some of the maps, photos and charts.

The Military Rule BooK includes some 100 archival documents, in addition to maps, tables and photos, and sheds light on the apparatus of the Military Rule: how it operated, its official and unofficial objectives, its character and what daily life looked like for the Palestinians subjected to it. The documents included in this book were uncovered thanks to painstaking work carried out in various archives throughout Israel, and some have only recently been declassified for public access following requests from Akevot Institute.

The Military Rule Book is divided into six sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of the Military Rule. Together they paint a multi-dimensional picture of a pivotal time in Israel’s history, one that has shaped and, to a very large extent, continues to shape Israel’s relationship with its Palestinian citizens.

Now you can get a glimpse into each section of the book, in order of appearance and following the book’s structure. You can buy the book here.