July 21st, 2017
Insurance against political risk: Akevot’s new research released

Hundreds of archival records, now declassified at Akevot’s request, tell the story of the financial safety net the Israeli government provided for commercial companies and settlement agencies beyond the Green Line. Akevot’s Institute’s second collection in our Aims and Means series tells the story of the political guarantee in the occupied territories and the Yanai insurance corporation.

Insurance against political risk: the story and documents

Referred to as a “political guarantee” or “political insurance”, it protected settlers and investors in the occupied territories against such “political risks” as Israel’s evacuation from the occupied territories, policy changes or boycotts by the Palestinian population. As use of the government guarantees gradually expanded, a government insurance corporation was created, to sell insurance policies against these political risks.

Haaretz feature by Yotam Berger (Hebrew)