February 22nd, 2023
Conversations about Research: the last episode of the season is now live!

The season finale of our podcast, Conversations about Research, is now live! In this episode, historian, Dr. Omri Shefer Raviv talks about his research on the Israeli administration in the territories occupied in 1967. How has Israel’s system of ongoing control over the territories it occupies and the Palestinians living in them evolve and take shape? When did the government realize that the military control of the territories was permanent? What has Israel done to encourage residents of the territories to leave in droves and not return?

In the podcast series Aims and Means – Conversations about Research, Akevot Institute researcher Adam Raz talks to prominent researchers of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to hear about their specific research angle and discuss the challenges of historical research based on archival materials.

Listen to the full episodes (in Hebrew):