May 1st, 2023
Our first digital document collection is now on air!

We are proud to launch the Akevot Institute Document Collections: a new website that allows the public to browse hundreds of archival documents related to our main research topics, grouped into collections. Each collection includes curated documents located by Akevot Institute in various archives and subsequently digitized and uploaded to the website. These records provide an inside look at state apparatuses and mechanisms involved in various aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The first collection that is now free to access is the Military Rule 1948-1966, which contains hundreds of documents related to the Military Rule imposed over Palestinian citizens of Israel in the first two decades of Israel’s statehood. Additional document collections will be uploaded to the website later.

The site is intended for researchers, teachers, students, educators, activists, organizations and anyone else looking for in-depth, direct knowledge about the history of the conflict. Each document is presented in full and in its original form.