In October 1967, two Border Police officers were driving in the Latrun area when a truck carrying two Palestinians working for the Public Works Department (PWD) nearly collided with them. In response, the policemen drove the two Palestinians to an open field where they fired 17 bullets into their backs. What led to the random murder? In this episode of the podcast, we return to one of the few cases – if not the only case – in which a member of the Israeli security forces was convicted for murdering Palestinians.


Eliyahu Elias' statement to the police,
October 10, 1967

Albert Ilouz's statement to the police,
October 10, 1967

Criminal indictment 5/68: State of Israel vs. Albert Ilouz and Eliyahu Elias,
January 12, 1968

Press coverage of the trial,
January 1968-March 1969

Court ruling in the trial of Ilouz and Elias,
November 8, 1968

Court ruling in Criminal Appeal 522/68: Albert Ilouz and Eliyahu Elias v. State of Israel,
March 25, 1969