A new project by Akevot identifies sources of current policies and practices in archived documents.

The building of settlements, the annexation of East Jerusalem, economic exploitation: many of the policies that became inherent to Israeli rule in the Occupied Territories were designed during the first year of the occupation, following the 1967 war. Ahead of the occupation’s 50-year anniversary in June 2017, Akevot is launching a new project, identifying sources of current policies and practices in archived documents.

Unearthed from government and private archives, primary records exposing policy-making and on-the-ground practices intertwined in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to this day will be shared online in the coming 12 months. Organized by monthly themes and released every couple of days, Akevot will upload source material on discussions and conceptions on the future of the Occupied Territories; settlements and lands; policies on Jerusalem; control of the population, and many other topics.

The documents will be available to browse and download through the menu on the left hand side of this page. Follow the regularly expanding collection on our Facebook and Twitter pages, using hashtag #The1stYear.