During the Occupation’s first year, Israeli government agencies conducted a long list of studies and surveys on the occupied territories, their population and their economy. The titles of these surveys and studies offer a glimpse into the interests of Israeli government in the territories even at this early stage of the occupation. Two of the studies are also available here.

In September 1968, the Ministry of Defense compiled a list of 75 completed surveys and studies. These were conducted by various governmental bodies and in some cases by academics. Alongside periodic reports summarizing the work of the different government agencies, research was conducted on a variety of topics, including social affairs (for example, “Immigration to Jordan – composition and reasons”); economic affairs (Land use for agriculture and construction in Hebron, 1947-1967) and surveys on water and natural resources.

Two of these studies, completed in 1968 and found in the archives, are made available here. One is Yochanan Peres’ study on political positions and national identity among Palestinians in the West Bank. The other is a field study conducted by Dr. Erik Cohen in Nablus and Khan Yunis to determine, among other things, the problems different types of towns present to the Israeli government in the occupied territories.


Office of MInister of Defence's Aid

10 September, 1968

A List of surveys and studies on matters related to the Occupied Territories

Positions and Values in the West Bank

Research Report

Provided to the Committee on Occupied Territories

The towns of the Occupied Territories

Department of Sociology
Hebrew University