Several weeks after the 1967 war, advocate M. reported for reserve service with the Military Advocate General Corps and was assigned to serve as a military prosecutor and deputy legal advisor in the Gaza Strip and Northern Sinai area. He summarized his conclusions of the 7-week service in a report he sent to Military Advocate General, Col., Meir Shamgar.

Gaza Military Court, 15 August 1967. Photo: Moshe Milner, GPO
Gaza Military Court, 15 August 1967

The report highlights the activity of the MAG Corps at a time when it became clearer that the Israeli occupation in the Territories was not short-term but “entering permanent phase” (in M.’s words). Alongside a description of administrative difficulties, the report presents the military prosecutor’s comments on overcrowding in Gaza prisons and the use of administrative detention orders during the Occupation’s early months.


Report of Adv. M., the Military Prosecutor in Gaza and North Sinai, July-August 1967