The occupied territories? Or is it the administered, held or liberated territories? Is it the West Bank, Judea and Samaria, or maybe even Judea and Ephraim? The exact name by which to refer to the territories newly occupied by the IDF in the war was already a subject of intense discussion in the early months of the occupation.

In August 1967, members of the Governmental Naming Committee demanded to replace the moniker “West Bank”, because it was “unsuitable, both linguistically and politically”. The director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested “Nablus-Hebron Region”. Biblical scholar, Prof. Chaim Gavrihyahu suggested that historically, “Judea and Ephraim” was a more accurate name (the government rejected a proposition to that effect). Col. Shlomo Gazit suggested a distinction between a name for legal purposes and a name for propaganda purposes. In the Knesset, the Constitution Law and Justice Committee invited Military Advocate General, Col. Meir Shamgar, to speak about the conversations inside the military about the proper name for the territories.


Letter of Governmental Naming Committee Coordinator

18 August, 1967

Suggestion of MFA Deputy Director-General, Tosef Tekoa

1 September, 1967

"Any linguistic move might be interpreted as annexation"

7 September, 1967

Office of the Chief of the General Staff

Re: Title for administered territories

17 December 1967

Transcript No. 159 of the Constitution Law and Justice Committee session

25 December, 1967

"A switch [...] is not such that renders the effort feasible"

1 January, 1968

Prpoposed Government Decision

23 May, 1968