Shortly after the occupation of the Gaza Strip in November 1956, Israeli security forces began tackling local resistance to the new rule. The documents below provide a glimpse into the work of Israeli intelligence agencies in Gaza. They show how intelligence and enforcement agencies deployed throughout the area and how they cooperated, and allow a glimpse into their operation. The documents also paint a picture of Palestinian resistance to the military during Israel’s first occupation of the Gaza Strip. 

The archives of security and intelligence agencies contain, among other documents, records of control, surveillance, resistance, terrorism and suppression. As such, they are repositories of unique documentation relating the society they work for and the society they work against, including pieces of the personal histories of the people under their control. Allowing judicious access to the records kept in the archives of the security agencies is crucial for society’s capacity to know its own history, acknowledge the injustices it has committed, and those it has suffered. Access to archives that contain information about human rights violations committed by intelligence and security agencies is particularly important for the victims and their families.


November 29, 1956

The National Movement in the Gaza Strip:
Manifesto No. 1

December 7, 1956

The National Movement in the Gaza Strip:
Manifesto No. 2

December 20, 1956

Matters for the Attention of the Gaza Area Military Administration

31 December 1956

Gaza Military Administration:
a meeting with GOC Central Command

7 January, 1957

Minutes of meeting held Jan. 3 regarding coordination between GSS commander and commander of Gaza Strip

16 January, 1957

Coordination meeting at office of Gaza Area commander, 13 Jan., 1957

January 20, 1957

Attempt to organize strike in Gaza

19 January, 1957

National Movement: Manifesto No. 4

27 January, 1957

GSS Brief: Subversive activity in the Gaza area